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Create Beautiful Floating Islands in Your Backyard Pond, Stream, or Lake.

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RE: Details about Floating Islands

Many years ago I had a very magical and mysterious experience. While on vacation in Wisconsin at the Chippewa Flowage, I decided to go out fishing at about daybreak. I was in a small fishing boat. It was very foggy and eerie that morning. I was fishing about 100 yards offshore and within 50 feet of an island. I was casting toward the shoreline and after awhile I turned around to cast toward the island. To my amazement, the island was not there. It had completely disappeared. I thought I was going crazy or maybe it was an old Indian apparition or maybe I was in an alternate universe. I looked and never found the island. Later I told some locals about my experience and they told me about the floating islands that move about freely on the flowage. If you are looking for a unique way to spruce up your pond or other waterway this year, you may want to consider a Floating Island. These islands can be added to a body of water and planted with anything from perennials to annuals, and could even be used as a creative way to add garden space when planted with vegetables. The islands can also offer habitat and food sources for wildlife.

The Floating Islands are made from recycled plastic, which forms a matrix of plastic fibers that resembles a steel wool pad. The islands also contain foam, which allows the islands to float. The buoyancy of the islands can be adjusted to achieve the desired effect. The islands come in several sizes, from 6 square feet to 650 square feet. The larger islands come in sections that need to be assembled in order to make one large island. Depending on the area of the waterway where the islands are to be installed, there could be a single island, or a chain of islands.

Aside from beautification of an area, these islands also serve other functions to help make waterways cleaner. The islands can provide cover and food for fish that feed on the root system. The plants themselves can help to use up any excess nutrients found in the water from fertilizer run-off, and the plants will also compete with algae in the pond for those nutrients, offering something of a control in that aspect as well. The plants on the island help to capture carbon and other greenhouse gases, as well as removing pollutants from the water. Birds, butterflies, pollinating insects, and other wildlife drawn to wetlands may also utilize the islands.

The islands can be installed on nearly any kind of waterway. They have been used on golf courses, where it is a sort of “novelty” hole and even floating golf balls can be used. These islands have also been used in zoo habitats, water treatment facilities, corporate waterways, and an island was also launched into the Chicago River in 2006. These islands would be suitable for use in farm ponds or residential, commercial or municipal areas.

The Problem with Most Bodies of Water is...They Lack a Natural Appearance and are not very appealing to Eye.

My pond is just devoid of any diversity. There are few colors, wildflowers, birds and butterflies, very little wildlife, boring and the water isn't very clear either.

Floating Islands are the Answer.

Floating islands can solve many of your problems with your body of water whether it be a small pond, lake or watercourse. By installing one or more floating islands, you can start to reap the benefits that they provide.

Floating Islands are Green Products that Mimic Nature.

  • Green Product made of Recycled Plastic... The recycled plastic forms a matrix that resembles a plastic scouring pad only much more dense.  This dense matrix is the foundation of the islands and creates a floating mat that serves as a planting medium for all kinds of plants.  This matrix acts as soil and wicks up water from below acting as a hydroponic sponge for plants that will never have to be watered.
  • Floating Islands are Living Islands...Because floating islands can be planted with almost any vegetation from grasses to wildflowers and vegetables, it becomes a living feature on your body of water.
  • Floating Islands can be filled with Native Plants...The benefit of native plants is tremendous.  They can be wetland or dry land plants that provide seasonal color and beauty year round.  These living islands can then attract all kinds of birds, butterflies, pollinating insects, mammals, fish and waterfowl.  Your pond will come alive and the natural appearance creates a fabulous water feature for you.
  • Floating Islands are Natural Water Filters...Water that is overloaded with heavy nutrients and heavy metals from runoff causing excessive algae can benefit by the natural filtration that the islands provide.  The islands provide a sink for carbon dioxide capturing this global warming gas from the air and water and storing it in the vegetation and root system thereby helping our environment.
  • Floating Islands Create Diversity...Many people know that diversity in the wild is where the wildlife abounds.  As Aldo Leopold  discovered the edge effect long ago as the most aspect for attracting wildlife, it is witnessed with the floating islands as they create a tremendous edge effect, land adjacent to water.

Floating Islands Mimic Nature...

Floating islands, made of recycled plastic provide you with a green product.  The islands allow you to plant live plants and create a diverse ecosystem capable of filtering water, attracting birds and butterflies, pollinating insects, mammals, fish and waterfowl. They can truly become a colorful and fun water feature for your body of water.

I believe a Floating Island is One of the most Natural Ways to mimic Nature on a Body of Water.

Many people want a water feature that fits into nature. This is an opportunity to purchase one or more of these Floating Islands that blends in perfectly with nature and enhances your body of water be it a pond, lake or other body of water.

Floating Islands are Guaranteed to be 100% recycled Plastic and all Plants that are bought with the Islands are Guaranteed to be 100% Nativel

Buy today and get ready to launch your Floating Islands and take advantage of my free consulting with you answering questions and coming up with great ideas on how you can improve your water's edge. Also remember your free bonus of 84 native plants when you purchase now!

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Yes, I want a Floating Island  because I realize it can transform my body of water into a more natural environment.

  • I UNDERSTAND that the Floating Islands will provide me with natural diversity to add color and beauty, attract birds and butterflies, fish, mammals, and waterfowl to my body of water.
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